This eBook “The New Science of Becoming Rich” is my interpretation and adaptation of the famous literature work of Wallace D Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich”, plus other comparable expositions and other teachings of learned erudite scholars, professors, speakers and successful people throughout history. This eBook; presented to the reader on the basis of being practical, whilst combining psychological scientific facts and self-help tools. This motivational eBook is targeted for people whose most burning desire is for Success, Happiness and Money, and who wish to get Rich sooner rather than later.

This eBook is a working toolbox for the apprentice millionaire, following the *hyper links to help
in the pursuit of your goals and eventual riches.

Before we begin I am going to make a poignant statement regarding “Becoming Rich”. “You cannot become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind If you want wealth and financial success, then you must attract Money Prosperity through the power of your mind”.

At this stage I would like to read you an epigrammatic anecdote kindly acknowledged from
Ron Holland (Talk & Grow Rich

Over a few hundred years ago, the famous Zen master Nan-In received a university professor who came to Japan to enquire about Zen. While Nan-In was quietly preparing tea, the professor began to elucidate at great lengths on all his own philosophies.

Nan-In had prepared the tea and began to pour the tea into the cup that the professor was holding. When the cup became full, the Zen master kept right on poring and the tea overflowed everywhere. The shocked professor exclaimed "but master the cup is full, no more will go in". Nan-In replied "like this cup you are full of your own ideas' opinions and speculations, how on earth can I show you Zen unless you empty your own cup first".

You have in your possession with this eBook probably one of the most powerful psychological-scientific toolbox that’s been published to date.

Purely using some of the recommended scientific strategies set before you utilizing these for your advantage, then you will definitely be a winner, in this great big wonderful world that you now live. However you must first empty your mind of any preconceived ideas and totally become aware of the scientific facts and psychology that will be presented before you.

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Clive Branson Hyp

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